Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons has spent her career working with and on behalf of women. Her professional experience spans 15 years in academic and medical research, therapy with  individuals, couples, families and groups, college-level teaching, and advocating for those in need. Leigh Ann received her integrative health coach training at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, North Carolina and has worked at some of America's most prestigious academic and medical institutions. She is currently faculty in the School of Nursing at Duke University and a lead trainer for the Integrative Health Coach Professional Training Foundations program at Duke. 

Leigh Ann has published and presented nationally and internationally on issues including the psychological well-being of women and the relationship of women’s depression to health care decision-making.  She has led the development of several innovative women's health programs, including a comprehensive, group-based depression awareness program for community educators and a mindfulness-based parenting education and stress reduction program for mothers of preschool age children. She is also a registered vinyasa yoga instructor and a level I reiki practitioner.

Leigh Ann believes that every life stage offers women a renewed opportunity to envision and achieve optimal health and well-being. Using mindfulness as the foundation for her work, Leigh Ann partners with women across the country to dream and live the healthy lives they desire and deserve. 

Leigh Ann lives in Durham, NC with her husband and son. You can learn more about Leigh Ann's professional experience and training here

Leigh Ann Simmons, Ph.D.
Integrative Health Coach

About Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann Simmons, Ph.D.
(Photo: Sharon Tessandori)
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