Leigh Ann Simmons, Ph.D.
Integrative Health Coach

Consulting to Providers

As rates of preventable chronic diseases soar, providers across the U.S. are struggling to help patients make healthier choices that will reduce the burden of disease. Additionally, recent health care reform mandates linking patient outcomes to provider reimbursement are further incentivizing changes in care delivery. However, high patient volumes coupled with brief office visits make it increasingly challenging for providers to address patients' unique healthcare needs so that lasting, positive health behavior change is possible.

Research at Duke Integrative Medicine, where integrative health coaches are essential members of the health care team, has shown that incorporating coaching into chronic disease care significantly improves patient health outcomes. In studies of coronary heart disease (CHD) and type II diabetes (T2D), patients who were randomly assigned to integrative health coaching were more likely to increase exercise, decrease weight/BMI, and report improved social support and mood compared to patients receiving usual care. Additionally, CHD patients had statistically significantly improved Framingham risk factor scores, and T2D patients saw improvements in fasting glucose and HbA1C. 

If you are considering adding health coaching to your medical practice, Leigh Ann can evaluate the needs of your practice and make recommendations consistent with your desired outcomes. With nearly seven years of experience implementing health care interventions in clinical and research settings as well as practical knowledge of integrative health coaching, Leigh Ann can: 
  • review your case load and prioritize areas of focus for coaching
  • develop a plan for integrating individual and/or group health coaching into your existing practice
  • design and evaluate a pilot program of individual and/or group health coaching
  • provide limited individual and group coaching to your patients
Consulting fees are negotiated based on estimated time and materials and the size of your practice. To learn more about how integrative health coaching can enhance your medical practice, contact Leigh Ann today for a complementary presentation.    

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