Leigh Ann Simmons, Ph.D.
Integrative Health Coach

Integrative Health Coaching

Leigh Ann specializes in integrative health coaching (IHC) for women. Developed by Duke Integrative Medicine, IHC is not just about physical and mental well-being. It is also about the whole person, including values, goals, work, balance, fulfillment, and life purpose. Through exploration, a consistent commitment to action and moving forward, and accountability, Leigh Ann partners with clients to address new or chronic health problems, reach health and wellness goals, enhance quality of life, and achieve optimal well-being. 

At the core of IHC is the Wheel of Health, which  serves as a framework for health visioning, self-evaluation, goal setting, and action. At the center of the Wheel is you, the client. By cultivating mindful awareness, or simply paying attention without judgment, clients can honestly assess where their health is currently and how that compares to what they desire for themselves. The discrepancy between current state and desired state is where the work begins. Through deep listening, inquiry, honest feedback, and reflection Leigh Ann helps clients to prioritize changes they want for themselves and develop a personalized health plan with action steps that will aid them in achieving desired outcomes. Click on the Wheel of Health image for more information. 

The Wheel of Health is used with permission of Duke Integrative Medicine ©2010

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